Development community drop-in 1st March 2014

The video shows Jerome Frost giving his presentation of an update on the development since the drop-in on 1st February.


The first two audio clips are the question and answer sessions. These are edited to include questions that were asked during the presentations as well as after the presentations as part of the Q&A sessions. Where edits have been made there is a clear pause in the recording.


The final audio clip is the 11:30 presentation. Again pauses indicate where questions have been removed. (All questions and the responses given are included in the 11:30 am Q&A clip)


Making these recordings has not been part of the HLF funded project.

Jerome Frost presenting his update on the proposed Crystal Palace development at The Lodge, Crystal Palace Park, 1st March 2014.

Visitors to Saturday's drop-in event who enjoyed the history talks by Christopher Marsden of the Victoria and Albert Museum, might be interested in finding out more from the V&A's web site.


The video 'A day at the Great Exhibition' may be found here: Other pages on the Great Exhibition are here:


The images used in Christopher's slides, together with other pictures and objects relating to the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, and its predecessor the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, may be found here:


If you type in the search box 'Great Exhibition 1851', 'Crystal Palace Sydenham' or 'Crystal Palace Delamotte' you will see hundreds of fascinating pictures of the building and the objects shown in it.


Video recording credits: Camera John Payne, Sound Sue Giovanni, Organiser Jules Hussey, Catering Maritn Tempia

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