Chamber of Commerce Question Time Event 27th March 2014

The video to the right shows the Question and Answer Evening at the Queens Hotel in Church Rd from 27th March 2014 organised by the Chamber of Commerce.


The panel are local GLA Assembly members Val Shawcross (Labour) Darren Johnson (Greens), Steve O'Connell (Conservative) and the LibDem councillor for Bromley Tom Papworth, the chair is Jonathan Croucher, the vicar of Christchurch Gipsy Hill.


The event lasted for 2 hours so to help you find your way around the clip there are some times where specific questions are answered.

Video Credits

Location - Queens Hotel

PA system - Darren Hatch of SRL

Recent update

Following  the Question Time Event Val Shawcross sent a  number of questions (some came from that meeting)  to ARUP,  and Jerome Frost sent as much  back as he can at this stage.  The queries which relate directly to Bromley  are awaiting a response. The answers are posted it on Val's website  at the following link

Some timecodes where particular questions are asked

00:06:50 Karen Jones - Founder of Crystal Palace Transition Town's Food Market

Question about community


00:13:00 Paul Bartholomew - Chair of Chamber of Commerce

Question about Lambeth Council report on Crystal Palace lack of chain stores

Coffee Republican - Question about Costa Coffee coming to Crystal Palace


00:17:57 Annabel Sidney - Chair of the Cinema Campaign

Does the panel agree that if the community’s desire for a cinema on Church Road was fulfilled it would be of huge economic benefit in creating more activity on the Triangle throughout the day as an anchor for the Highstreet?


00:21:47 Bryher Scudamore - Upper Norwood Library Trustee Community Question about infrastructure Levy and Section 106 from developers being shared across 5 boroughs for shared assets like library police station etc.


00:26:38 Questions from the floor


00:42:10 Mehul Damani - Co-chair of Crystal Palace Transition Town

What are the most important questions the community should have answers to regarding the ZhongRong development in Crystal Palace park?


00:51:07 Ellinor Michel - Founding member Anerley Regeneration Project

Question about the potential conflict of interest with Boris sitting on the board for the Crystal Palace development, him standing to gain politically and having originated the idea?


00:56:27 Questions from the floor


01:04:03 Questions from the floor


01:16:10 Concerned Citizen – Question about the housing shortage and comparing the proposal for houses on two acres of MOL with a development over 23 acres of MOL


01:47:26 Question whether the park should be home for CPFC rather than Selhurst Park


01:53:35 Robert Gibson - Chair of Upper Norwood Library Trust and Member of Board of Chamber of Commerce

Question - If Crystal Palace was to end Ménage A Cinq and go monogamous with one borough who would be best catch?


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