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Where is the entrance to the subway?

The new pedestrian gate to the subway is located half way down Crystal Palace Parade on the Southwark side of the road, opposite the park.


When can I visit the subway?

At present there is no general public access to the subway. If you are interested in visiting the subway, please sign up for our e-newsletter (below, left) so we can keep you informed of future open events. We publish opening times on an event by event basis through our website, social media and at the entrance to the subway.


Local photographer James Balston has photographed the subway and you can see his collection of photos here. We know it’s not quite the same as seeing the subway for yourself but we hope you enjoy them!


How can I follow your progress?

As well as producing our quarterly e-newsletter we regularly post updates on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Why not follow us and join in the conversation?


Who are The Friends of Crystal Palace Subway?

We are a group of local (and not so local) residents who would like to see this wonderful space reopened so that it can be enjoyed by the public again. There is more information on our aims and objectives in our Constitution, which you view here.


We are volunteering our time alongside day jobs, so if you contact us please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to help and if you have skills that you think we could benefit from.


How can I help?

Start by sharing your stories of the subway, particularly if you have fond memories of using it before it was closed to the public. We hope to capture how the subway was previously used, how it inspired people and what it motivated them to do in the space. This will help inform us how to best use it to reflect its history and also the future potential it could have.


You can find out more about our Inspired by the Subway project here.


I'm interested in using the subway for a photo, film or video shoot...

All permissions for filming or photographing in the subway are handled by FilmFixer. Click here to see their subway web page for more information.

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