Subway pictures

Present day photos

Angie Davila

We are trying to collect old photos of the subway in order to document the way the subway has changed over the years.


If you have any photos that you'd like to share with the project please get in touch via the contact page


Our Inspired by the Subway project photographer Angie Davila has set the ball rolling with some images she took at Open House weekend.


Volunteers are able to assist with scanning images that are photographic prints or slides.

We would like to thank The Norwood Society for sending in this fantastic photo of the subway.


It shows children climbing up from the Southwark side onto the terrace that now overlooks Bowley Close.


It would be lovely to hear from anyone who recognises themselves in the photo or anyone who has an idea of the date when it may have been taken. It was clearly before health and safety became an issue!



All Saints Orchestra conducted by Peter Browning at a Victorian Evening as part of the second Subway Superday.


7th June 1980


Photo courtesy of Sue Nagle



Thanks to Tony Harden for giving us permission to use his photographs of the High Level Station site in the 1970's.


Anyone who can add detail or information about the prefabs please do get in touch with the project


Former High Level Station site during the 1970's

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